Why I wear a whistle

writing by renee

This piece is written in response to Amnesty International, a recent piece published on The Wireless, a courageous woman in Stanford, and for women everywhere.

In recent weeks many of us read the courageous, devastating letter a Standford woman wrote and read in court to the rapist who attacked her.

Shortly after the statement was released online, Ruth Syles reported that Turner had actually sent pictures of this woman to members of his swim team through a group chat app on his phone, during his attack. Olivia Messer reported that Stanford had a rape every two weeks before Brock Turner was caught; Siobhan Fenton wrote how more than half of university sportsmen admit to raping or sexually assaulting women. Mary Rose Somaribba wrote about the evident connection between Turner’s actions and boys’ widespread exposure to gonzo pornography.

Boys first view online porn at eleven years old, on average –…

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